Karan Batra

Articleship Stipend Increased & Doubled by ICAI 2014-09-12

Draft Regulation

  1. Karan Batra
    ICAI intends to double the Articleship Stipend paid to CA Students by amending the Chartered Accountants Regulations 1988.

    The draft of changes to be made through which the Articleship Stipend would be doubled has been released by ICAI.

    Any person desiring to make any objection or suggestion in respect of the said draft regulations, may forward the same to ICAI.

    The Draft of Changes to be made would be taken into consideration after the expiry of 45 days from the date on which the copies of the Gazette of India, in which these draft regulations are published, are made available to the public.

    The Official Notification released by ICAI in this regard has been attached herewith

    Update: This was the draft notification that was sent to the Govt for its approval and has been attached below.

    Readers are requested to note that this draft notification has now received the assent of the govt. Refer: http://www.forum.charteredclub.com/...ipend-increase-approved-by-govt-doubled.2723/
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