Karan Batra

Change Elective Subject in CS Prof. 2014-07-22


  1. Karan Batra
    The User Manual for changing the subject has been uploaded as an attachement. Click Download button to download.

    The Guidelines for changing the subject are as under:-

    1. The student has the option to enroll for any other elective irrespective of choice indicated at the time of registration and he/she has the option to change his choice, if he/she wishes.

    2. There will be no fee for changing their option for elective subject.

    3. The Physical copy of the Study Material will be provided at a cost to the Student after making change in the option of the elective paper at the time of enrollment.

    4. The Student may, however, refer to the PDF format of the study material available on ICSI Website which is available free of cost.

    5. Student wishing to have study material in physical form for an elective, he/she may procure the same from the sale centers of the Institute at HQ/ROs/COs, on payment of requisite charges.

    6. For the elective papers of the Module III of the Professional Programme, there is no exemption available to the Students on the basis of Syllabus of 2007 or of earlier years or higher qualification.

    7. In case student wants to cancel the exemption and change the elective subject, then the student will have to reappear in the examination afresh and he shall have the option to enroll for any elective irrespective of choice indicated at the time of registration/passing the examination paper with 60%
    or more. He shall have the option to change his choice with every subsequent enrollment, if he wishes.

    8. The student who request for cancellation of exemption on the basis of 60% marks, will have no right to claim the exemption for any subsequent session of examination.

    9. The student who has cleared one of the optional subjects and is exempted on the basis of 60% will automatically relinquish the exemption permanently, if he opts for any other optional subject.

    10.There is no change in the procedure of examinations to be conducted by the Institute for Professional Programme (Module III), due to this facility provided to the students.