Opportunities for CA's in Banking 2014-09-23


  1. Parul_Gupta
    Chartered Accountancy is a comprehensive program in the financial discipline and opens up a wide range of career options.

    Banking is one of the most sought after careers for enthusiasts in the field of finance and accounts. It is an entry into a well paid, relatively secure and status career.

    Though it may appear that the top jobs in banking are for management graduates from premier institutions, the fact is that a large number of successful bankers are qualified Chartered Accountants.

    Some of the CAs leading in banking are Deepak Parekh – Chairman of HDFC, Aditya Puri - CEO of HDFC Bank, Naina Lal Kidwai - Country Head of HSBC and Amit Mimani, Director M & A, Standard Chartered Bank.

    This article provides an insight into one of the most exciting and rewarding careers opportunities and a platform for honing your skills
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