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  1. Mubashshir Iqbal

    Mubashshir Iqbal New Member

    1. Refund:
    In the A.Y. 2010-11, Refund cheque issued by the deptt. lost by the assessee and when i checked the status of Refund on OLTAS, status shown as cheque expired.
    In consistent to the above, i have only refund slip which attached to cheque, there is no CPC sequence or any other number which is required by income tax website.
    what should be my approach to have refund of such assessee.
    2.Demand & Intimation u/s 143:
    In the A.Y. 2011-12, Demand raised of Rs. 8090/- and intimation of such demand has been send to that person who had filed ITR. ITR filed transferred to AO. AO is in Aligarh, I and Assessee both lives in delhi, thus can't go there. So resolved this issue i have requested to change PAN Address from NSDL PAN services.
    Please guide me, how will i get intimation again and Close the demand after getting intimation.
    3. Return Filing:
    In the A.Y. 2012-13, Assessee has not file ITR. Income Tax refund, if computed can be claim around Rs. 16000/-. Is there any way to file such ITR either online or offline.
    Thanking You!
  2. Shishir Nayak

    Shishir Nayak Member

    You can only raise a request of refund re-issue if your refund failed to reach you and its expired. In that case, login in the Income Tax e-Filing website and go to 'My Account' → 'Refund re-issue request'. Select the mode through which you wish to receive the refund- ECS or Cheque. Provide the new Bank Account Number (if to be changed) and provide the new Address. Submit the request.
  3. Shishir Nayak

    Shishir Nayak Member

    The process of request for re-sending of CC-Intimation u/s 143(1)/154 is available in ‘My Account’ option on Income Tax E-Filing Website. The Assessee who filed there income tax return online can request online for resending of intimation under section 143(1) and section 154 of the Income tax Act, 1961.
  4. Shishir Nayak

    Shishir Nayak Member

    Yes you can file belated return for last two years. But you hav to pay intrest for that.
    I think you got answer of all yur qstn.
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