15 g and 15 h details

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    MOSBEENA New Member

    Good evening sir

    I want to know some details regarding uploading of 15 g and h.
    1. Can we upload 15 g for whole financial year in the beginning of the financial year and what should be the income , whether it is accrued interest for whole year or for a single quarter.

    2. if we make further investments , in that case the unique number will change or not for uploading further more interest income.
    3. and what is the last date for uploading 15 G and what is the penalty amount.

  2. Yatin Gandhi

    Yatin Gandhi Active Member

    1. You can submit Form 15G/ Form 15H at the start of the year itself for all the investments in your name at the time of submission of the form. The expected income to be mentioned is the total income for the whole year.
    2. If you make further investments - you would be again srequired to submit the form 15g/ form 15h
    3. There is no last date for submission of these forms
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