234A calculation for 153A Case

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  1. manju1438

    manju1438 New Member

    Assessment under 143(3) was completed in 2008 with minor additions over returned income. Same case was again reopened U/s 153A in 2014 and completed with accepting the same income as assessed in 143(3) of 2008. (No additions)
    My question is - whether 234B interest is to be calculated tilll 2014 (153A) order date (or) is it to be calculated till 2008 order date i.e 143(3) order?


    Kindly confirm whether the addition income done after assessment u/s 143(3) is paid at time of 143(3) assessment or not.

    if not paid that time and same income again included in assessment u/s 153 A then interest would be calculated till the order passed u/s 153 A.
  3. manju1438

    manju1438 New Member

    The issue is with TDS credit. TDS claimed by assessee is disallowed and that led to the demand in 143(3) order. Addition made is for Interest Income.
    Payment was not made by them. And the same income is again assessed U/s 153A.
    Kindly quote the section/rule for calculation of 234B interest till 153A order date.
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