26AS wrong entry by company

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  1. j_srikumar

    j_srikumar New Member

    Hi friends, I have a doubt regarding 26 AS entry. In 2009-10 AY, a shipping company in which I do not have any deposit, has entered an amount of Rs.xxx and a TDS of Rs.yyy against it in the 26AS.

    Now I have received a demand notice of Rs9500 for AY 09-10. This demand is shown as outstanding in my profile (though I have not recd the actual demand notice). I think this is due to that wrong interest shown by the company.

    How can I rectify this error?I have correctly calculated and paid my taxes in full.
  2. gaurav_kumar

    gaurav_kumar Well-Known Member

    Contact your Income Tax Assessing Officer and tell him that you have not received this amount and it is wrongly being reflected in your account.
  3. Mallik pallav

    Mallik pallav New Member

    Hi srikumar, It was happened with me ..I don't no how wrongly entry made from my previous organization, could you please help me what action you have done to resolve this one...

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