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  1. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    ACCA Degree is awarded in UK and not in US

    ACCA is a good degree in case you intent to work in UK
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  2. Yogendra PAtel

    Yogendra PAtel New Member

    I am primarily not seeing CA as a career option,I just want a certificate of being A CA and i am planning for a MBA from Stanford, Wharton or Harvard. Which one should i opt for ACCA or ICAI CA . Please reply.
  3. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    My personal suggestion in that case would be to opt for CPA either from US or Australia as compared to ACCA from UK.
  4. Yogendra PAtel

    Yogendra PAtel New Member

    Thank You.
    Sir,Can you please explain me the reason for the same.Sorry for bothering you much.Also can you inform me how to pursue CPA from India.:)
  5. Amit Sahni

    Amit Sahni Active Member

    These degrees have a much wider acceptance than ACCA UK.

    Moreover, the Job opportunities are also higher.

    And if you intent to study in the US - its better to have the degree of US. And its much easier as well to complete CPA US as compared to ACCA UK
  6. Yogendra PAtel

    Yogendra PAtel New Member

    Sir, How can I pursue These Courses? Can you please guide me.
  7. mcjosephalex

    mcjosephalex New Member

    I finished plus iam confused with ACCA And CA.which one is good ,if so what are the benfits over other(cost of studying,no .of years,difficulty,mathematics involved,scope in india......)
  8. Aditi Gulati

    Aditi Gulati Active Member

    To be frank - ACCA does not have much value in India.

    ACCA is releasing many advertisements inviting students to join them but before joining this course - I would advise you to have a word with some qualified ACCA with respect to the job prospects.
  9. zaheer sayed

    zaheer sayed New Member

    I and my 3 friends completed ACCA in 2008 and are all currently working in big brands like MNC's, IB, Big 4 and renowned brand TATA. I can promise you we are making really good salaries (apparently we are in top 5% of avg indian salaries), so not sure how you can say ACCA doesnt have value.
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