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    Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world – Nelson Mandela

    In today’s world of globalization and proliferation, choosing an apt education and further a career is a humongous task. Gone are those days when we had just a handful of professional career options; nowadays every field has its own specialized areas and each of those areas come with fulfilling and lucrative jobs. Thus, choosing what is best for someone begins as early as at the high school level or graduation.

    From an Indian perspective, starting from the high school level, commerce is arguably one of the most popular choice of academic streams – the other two being humanities and science. A graduate in commerce primarily deals in areas like corporate finance, banking, marketing, accounting, stock markets and the whole lot! A commerce specialist, in very simple terms, gets to understand the inner functioning of an industry and how a specific organization deals with money.

    While pursuing commerce and accounting as a career option, a student comes across multiple professional qualifications in India including Chartered Accountancy (CA), Cost and Works Accountancy (CWA/CMA) and Company Secretary ship (CS). There are also finance based options such as a MBA in finance or a CFA or a Masters in Financial Management.

    Most of these courses offer a plethora of career opportunities within India. For example, a Chartered Accountant gains knowledge on the Indian Accounting Standards (IAS) and applies that knowledge. Those who acquire the CA qualification can establish a practice inside India for themselves or work as finance managers, accountants, taxation experts, auditors etc. Similarly, a Cost Accountant or a Management Accountant can practice inside India as management experts, costing specialists or finance analysts.

    However, an area that remains rather unexplored is the career path that one can chalk out for himself with an international perspective. The question that lingers is whether there exists career opportunities, for commerce graduates with a global flavor. What if an Indian commerce graduate wants to spread his wings – explore the accounting principles and financial management systems all over the world?

    Alternatively, what career options does a student/professional have if he/she were to pursue an international course and continue to climb his career ladder in India? Are the Indian based professional certifications, the only possibility or do students have other global educational options that would give them an edge in the job market, in India itself?

    What options are indeed available to a student who wants an enterprising career in the field of accounting and finance and become employable in multinational corporations? What if a B.Com from India could pursue a higher professional qualification sitting in an Indian city, and grab the horns of the international accounting system?

    Most importantly, could these courses be completed within a time span of one year provided a strong sense of commitment is established by the student? Are these cost effective? In typical accounting terms, what is the return on investment if a candidate were to pursue these courses?

    Bingo! The solution to all these questions lay right here – with courses like CPA and CMA!

    Miles CPA Review offers CPA, CMA & EA.
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