Adjustment of excess Service Tax paid on Rent

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  1. TVLB

    TVLB New Member

    We r paying serice tax on Rent. we paid service tax on RENT + Service Tax and also Return filed on 20.10.14 for APR'14 to Sep'14 period. I paid Excess paid on Service Tax. How can i adjust excess paid service tax

    Rent is Rs.70000.00
    Service Tax Is. Rs. 8652.00
    Total Rs.78652.00

    i paid service tax is on Rs.78652 * 12.36%=9721/. so i paid excess is 1069/-. This amount deducted for Oct'14 to Dec'14 Service tax payment. is it right. Plz clarify me.....
  2. kavya varma

    kavya varma New Member

    In such cases the law provides for two alternatives for rectification of such an error.
    i) The person may adjust such excess payments against his future Service Tax liability (Self Adjustment) or
    (ii) The person may claim refund of Service Tax paid
  3. Advpkaligarh

    Advpkaligarh New Member

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