Adsense Income rcvd in my name and not in Company name

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  1. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    Yes, you are liable to pay Service Tax on Adsense Income. Infact, Google had also sent a mail to all publishers stating that Service Tax is applicable on such income

    Logically, Google should pay is Service Tax which we should deposit with the Govt. However, even if Google does not pay us Service Tax - we still have to pay Service Tax on Adsense Income. So, Google is at fault here by not paying us the Service Tax.

    Moreover, a few months back - Google also released a circular stating that payments are not being made from US but made from their Bangalore Office.
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  2. Sanjay83goswami

    Sanjay83goswami New Member

    This is really horrible news.

    I didn’t receive any mail. If you or anyone else received such a mail please share that mail content.

    Is there any link or mail content available to this circular?

    I am still receiving payment from there Singapur office. I have attached screenshot of this month earning.

    How should we calculate the service tax?

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  3. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    Service Tax @ 12.36% would be levied on the total amount received by you from Google.
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