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  1. pulin c barthakur

    pulin c barthakur New Member

    I am a pensioner, retiring from service on 31-April-2012. I had drawn my last Salary for the month of April 2012 paid in May 2012. Thereafter I drew my first monthly pension from June 2012 until January 2013 (paid in Feb 2013) when disbursement of pension to me was suspended as I could not make arrangement for submission of my tax assessment for the FY 2012-13 in Form 16 of IT as well as the mandatory Life Certificate due to my health condition. Now, my office has assessed me for an Income Tax liability of Rs 13000 plus Rs 4000-odd towards Advance Tax with Interest as my IT liability came to be in excess of Rs 10000 and I had failed to pay the Adv Tax in time. I understand that in the usual course of my regular service the requirement of Adv Tax payment was being taken care of under the TDS. Are pensioners apparently with no scope for TDS also required to pay Advance Tax together with Interest thereon in the way that my office has assessed in my case? Is there no relief/remission in the IT rules for pensioners who may be unable to submit assessment and pay Adv Tax in time due to their unavoidable circumstances as was the case with me? Moreover, this seems to be a case of punishing one twice for the same wrongdoing/failure to comply:because of this IT rule my office has not only suspended disbursement of my pension w.e.f. Feb 2013 but has also assessed me for an additional Rs 4000 towards Adv Tax with interest thereon.
  2. Neha Sharma

    Neha Sharma Active Member

    Dear Sir

    As you've retired from service and are a pensioner, I'm assuming that your age would be more than 60

    And senior citizens above the age of 60 are not required to pay any Advance Tax. Govt has been kind enough when it comes to tax compliance for senior citizens :)
  3. Senior Citizens having no business income need not to pay advance tax.
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