After Intimation u/s 143(1), Can ITR be revised or not?

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  1. Neha Agarwal

    Neha Agarwal Member

    Dear Sir, An individual has wrongly filled ITR of FY 15-16, where he quoted his GTI 320000/- on which he didn't claim any deduction becoz he didn't have actually, nor he paid even a single peny of tax through out the year. Now intimation u/s 143(1) has been issued with demand 3090. He earned around 260000/- as actual income during the relevant previous year but for the purpose of loan he increased his income in ITR Rs 320000/- as taxable income. but lack of knowledge he could claim deduction however he actually didn't have. I have some points need to be cleared... 1) Can I file revised return after intimation u/s 143(1) received of said Assessee or not? 2) If return after 143(1) can be filled, in that case can I show his actual income which is 260000/- in place of 320000/- or not. 3) If reduction of income from 320000/- to 260000/- are not allowed then in that case Can I claim deduction, stating that deduction was skipped to be claimed in earlier year of return.. Plz reply.
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