applicability of profession tax for charitable trusts in karnataka

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  1. g venkata krishna

    g venkata krishna New Member

    we are engineers and doctors who are running a charitable trust in bangalore.
    none of us are fulltime into the running of the trust and we do not take any salary from the trust.
    we do not employ any person in the trust.
    we are engaging a catering company to supply food to two slum schools.
    we now received a notice from prof tax dept saying we have to enroll and pay PT.
    we would like to know if PT is applicable in our case.
  2. Chandrashekar M

    Chandrashekar M Active Member

    Following classes of persons are exempted from payment of Profession Tax –
    1. Members of the forces as defined in the Army Act, 1950 or the Air Force Act, 1950 and the Navy Act, 1957 including members of auxillary forces or reservists, serving in the state.
    2. The badli workers in the textile industry.
    3. Any person suffering from a permanent physical disability (including blindness)
    4. Women exclusively engaged as agent under the Mahila Pradhan Kshetriya Bachat Yojna or Director of Small Savings.
    5. Parents or guardian of any person who is suffering from mental retardation
    6. Persons who have completed the age of 65 years (w.e.f. 1.4.1995)
    7. Parents or guardians of a child suffering from a physical disability as specified in clause (C) w.e.f 1.10.1996
    other than the above, all others are chargeable to profession tax.

    -- Regards
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