Are Medical Leaves taken during Articleship allowed?

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  1. t1804

    t1804 New Member

    Dear sir,

    One my friend is having issue in the leave of articleship period...
    Actually when he is started articleship the principal had granted leave of 4 months for preparation of IPCC group 2 exam..
    During that period the cheques for the payment of stipend was given to him(which are shown in bank statement) and also not informed him that these leave will counted for extension.

    But when the articleship completed this leaves of 4 months are included in extension and total leaves are counted 268 days..

    During articleship that person is also attended audit work or office or outstation work on holidays as well as on Sunday shall this period would be count in period served by article assistant ??

    If the holidays and Non-working days period served by article assistant (which are actually genuine leave not leave excessive leave) shall be deducted from the leave taken by article assistant or not??

    What should he do?
  2. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    Yes, he should get a compensatory off for the work done on Sundays and Public Holidays.

    No. of days of work done on these days will be reduced from the Leaves taken
  3. t1804

    t1804 New Member

    I am asking that Should the days worked on Sunday and public holidays are compensate against my leave.....??

    The leaves also includes the medical leaves(should it be counted in extension)....because my friend was on audit place and due to some bad food he got sick and the doctors said that he required at least 15 days bed rest but the principal counted this leave in extension...

    There is regularly outstation audit and this problem was arises a lot....But leave on the same are counted in excess...

    Total excess leave actually 245 days (out of that 85% due to medical issue, arises on outstation audit..) but the principal sing only the completion form if he accept the leave of 268 days..

    and if the leave for study for which on paper chqs were issued...removed then total leaves would become..140 days..
  4. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    1. Medical leaves would be included in the total leaves taken
    2. If he worked on sundays and public holidays, then this would be compensated against the leaves
  5. t1804

    t1804 New Member

    The medical leaves were during working on of the outstation audit...Shall it becomes part of leave?
  6. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    Yes, they will become part of leaves
  7. t1804

    t1804 New Member

    That friend was sick because of the wrong food and too much travelling, outstation during the working hrs of firm...
    As general rule in any industry or job that is an employee sick during medical term on working time and place of office the leave for such sickness is not taken as leave and salary is not deducted.

    There is also that the leave for 4 months in initial period for group 2 exam..Did not shown in bank statement(that is not on paper) for that full stipend chq were provided and deposited in bank...Is it count in leave?
  8. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    You can try having a word with the ICAI Officials as they are the ones who will have the final say in this regard
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