Are no. of Attempts in CA Exams of any Importance?

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  1. Sandeep raway

    Sandeep raway Member

    How much difference does attempts makes in our CA career?
  2. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    Attempts do make a difference but only to a certain extent.

    It is a combination of various factors like No. of Attempts, Practical Knowledge, References, Personality, Communication Skills, Eagerness to Learn that play an important role in the Success of any Professional.
  3. CA Ekta Jain

    CA Ekta Jain New Member

    It does matter as when you sit for placements, the form contains your pass percentage and the no. Of attempts... Some companies do prefer 1st n 2nd attempts..
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  4. tushararora.92

    tushararora.92 New Member

    mam i have a doubt i m giving exams in Nov-2014 but due to some prblms i couldnt prepare bth grups but for the 1st grup i m pretty sure that i can clear n get good marks... someone told me that giving as single grup will impact campus placement..? is it so? can good marks in exams make a difference in this case
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