articalship training period in case of transfer

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  1. Avinash ahuja

    Avinash ahuja New Member


    I served as artical assistant under an CA. for the period of 8 months during that period i have taken leave of 90 days. now i m registering under other agreement with a new. and my new principal is in opinion that as per the rules of leave have taken leaves more then 1/6th period in first service period which creates excess leaves liability and i have to add that period in registration form and as i have been registered in last days my attempt will also be postponed to an attempt. Is his opinion is right can't i set off these excess leaves with my remaining leaves permitted so that my attempt is not postponed..
  2. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    Yes, his opinion is correct that you have taken excess leaves under your previous principal and it cannot be set off.

    The excess leaves taken wld be added to your period of articleship.
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