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  1. We choose

    We choose New Member

    My period of articleship gets over by 30th of August
    I had taken exam leave from Nov 2013 to June 9th(due to extention of exams)
    So the total holidays taken by me comes to 205 (excluding exam days)
    My calculation would be 365*3= 1095 days - 156(52*3)(Sundays)
    Balance period to be worked would be 939 days 1/6th would be 156 days.
    Now for my calculation of 205 days I have NOT taken into account the Sundays
    That is in 205 days there are like 32 sundays are included.
    Is it possible to deduct Sundays since 156 days calculation is only for working days? because my principal wants me to extend 2 months of articleship since his calculation is (205-150) would be 55 days. Kindly do help in resolving the querry. Any regulation links would be appreciated.
  2. Karan Batra

    Karan Batra Well-Known Member

    The Calculation in your case would be as follows:-

    1. Total No. of Days served = (365*3) = 1095
    2. (Less) Leaves Taken = 205
    3. Actual Period Served (1)-(2) = 890

    Entitlement of Leave = 1/6 of 890 = 148

    Excess Leaves taken = 205-148 = 57

    You cannot deduct Sundays.

    For more on calculation of articleship leaves, kindly refer this link
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