Articleship Transfer and Industrial Training Registration

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  1. Rajat Pawan Poddar

    Rajat Pawan Poddar New Member

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am willing to join industry and for that i have applied for industrial training program.
    accordingly i have also received confirmation for joining a leading Asset Management Company for Industrial Training.

    And as per the procedure we need to take signature of our principal in the transfer form and after that register with industrial training company.

    In between that, my principal has not completed the required CPE hours for the Year 2014 & 2015 and has received show cause notice from the Institute and as per the notice his Signature stands invalid on all the document (including on balance sheets, SPL etc) till the time institute doesn't reinstate it again.

    Looking at the matter regarding the signature, my industrial training program has not started since the transfer form is not signed.

    My Query is that, whether i have to wait till the time institute reinstate his signature and then start my industrial training program or i can take the signature of my principal on the transfer form.

    further, my principal has already submitted his reply to the show cause notice and is awaiting from institute on 26th september 2016, so what is the time limit within which the matter can be solved ?
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