Best bachelor's Degree Course to be done along with CA

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  1. Dharmin Kakkad

    Dharmin Kakkad New Member

    Hi there...
    I want to know that which bachelor degree course is more preferable for students willing to become a Chartered Accountant?
  2. Rudra

    Rudra Active Member

    Obviously its B.Com. Either go for Honours or Degree.
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  3. ravindaar mehta

    ravindaar mehta New Member

    Can one do Bsc Along with ca?
  4. Rudra

    Rudra Active Member

    Yes you can... But doing is preferable.. Since both have similar subjects.. whereas Bsc is of different kind..
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  5. Aayush8439

    Aayush8439 Member hons is best from SOL DU.
    As some topics are common in both
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  6. Hitesh Awtaney

    Hitesh Awtaney New Member


    In case you are looking for more specialized degrees, I would suggest BCom in Accounting & Finance or BAF (Mumbai University) as this gives a better chance of placement and ensure that you can later enter Finance profiles very easily :)

    More about each finance profile at :)
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