Best Career opportunity for Commerce Student except CA

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  1. Sriti Jha

    Sriti Jha New Member

    Which is the best career opportunity for a commerce student except CA?

    I heard that CA is a very tough course and the salaries offered to CA's is not as high as the effort put in in attaining the degree.
  2. Neha Sharma

    Neha Sharma Active Member

    CA's usually earn more in their own practice as compared to Salaries.

    The income of a CA in practice is never disclosed publicly and therefore we never know how much he earns.
  3. Neha Sharma

    Neha Sharma Active Member

    As with respect to other parts of your question, the following are some of the courses which a commerce student can do which have good career prospects in future:-
    1. MBA
    2. CFA
    3. Law
    CPA (Aus) and CPA (US) are also good courses which a person can opt for. It is the same like CA in India. However, the effort required in these degrees is lesser than Indian CA.
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  4. Hitesh Awtaney

    Hitesh Awtaney New Member

    Hi Sriti,

    As someone who has launched a venture and interviewed 30+ professionals from each profile, I can say that doing CA is definitely worth the effort that people put in. It's just that if you don't clear it in the first few attempts, you feel like it's taking a lot of time and then you no longer feel it's worth it..

    Apart from that, if you are talking core finance profiles in the future or technical areas, then CFA is a very good option along with your graduation.
    MBA is definitely worth a lot, but only from a top tier institute, which again makes it very difficult..

    So my suggestion would be to first study more about the available profiles and see which one you might prefer over the other. Then plan to do a course which can get you into that profile!
    This will always ensure that doing the course is worth it :)

    PS: We're launched which can help you explore these profiles and watch recorded videos from professionals..
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