Best time to apply for CA Industrial Training in a Company

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  1. chirag3007

    chirag3007 New Member

    Good morning sir, hope you are doing well
    I have a question that I am eligible from march 2015 for industrial training but I want that The New company should be final for industrial before telling my present Principal
    Should I send hard copies of resume as per your advise for industrial to New co.s where 5 months are remaining
    Will they accept resume or we should wait for the right time and should tell My current principal.
    Please advice .
    Thnx &regards
  2. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    Typically, the process for Industrial Training is that a CA Student starts applying for CA Industrial Training positions approx 3 months before he is eligible.

    The Company then conducts the Interview and in case the candidate is recruited he then intimates his current employer for transfer of articleship and also intimates ICAI about the same.

    Maybe, you can give an idea to your CA that you intent to take a transfer. Only give him an idea but not a decisive intimation that you are taking an idea.

    Give him an idea over a casual discussion and see how he responds. And in the meantime, keep applying everywhere for CA Industrial Training positions.
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