Books for CPT New Course for June 2016

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  1. yashodeep

    yashodeep New Member

    I registered for cpt just three days I am getting news that the syllabus is going to change in june 2016. But the problem is that I can apply for cpt in 2016 only but I have received only 4 books of the old syllabus. so will I have to ask for the new books from the nearest icai branch? Please reply asap
  2. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    The new syllabus is expected to be introduced from 2016

    However, it is not sure whether it would be applicable from June 16 or Dec 16 because there has been no announcement by ICAI yet.

    This has not been planned by ICAI regarding the date of applicability. At this point of time, no body knows when the new CPT Course will be applicable.

    Till the time there is no clarity, I would advise you to start studying from the existing books itself and wait for more clarity from ICAI in this regard.

    This is the only thing announced by ICAI with respect to the New Course -

    It does not talk about the date of applicability
  3. yashodeep

    yashodeep New Member

    sir thank u for ur prompt reply.
  4. yashodeep

    yashodeep New Member

    i would appreciate if u could send me details about cpt course if any new syllabus gets introduced.thank you for ur assistance
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