Builder took the money of service tax and Vat but has not given me any receipts . 9 months after buy

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  1. Rituraj

    Rituraj New Member

    When i purchased the 3bk flat in Guwahati in October 2015, the building was ready to move. the builder asked for ST and VAT money and i paid around 1.3 lacs for the same. But builder has not given me any challan /receipt yet. Arent they supposed to give me the same?

    Also on similar note, I recently asked for the project completion certificate (as i know that after project completion certificate is issued, we dont need to pay ST) , builder said they have just applied for Completion certificate from the municipal corporation. How can they apply for it now one year residents started moving in?

    Did they builder play a foul game? What is the possibility? What should i do?

    Kindly advise me as i am in a very confused/agitated state of mind
  2. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    If you think that completion certificate is available then file an RTI application to acquire the same and check the date.
    You will have to file RTI to that authority who will be giving the completion certificate.
    If there is any certificate issued by licensed surveyor then you can request the same from him also and may also file RTI to get its copy.
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