By mistake confirmed demand sent via u/s 245

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  1. F. Mitra

    F. Mitra New Member

    I got a mail today from IT Bangalore that they had sent a notice under u/s 245 on 24.08.2013 which I did not recieve . I have all mails from last three years .
    However I logeed in my IT account and saw they have posted two demands notes : 1 of 2009 AY of Rs. 450 aprox and 2. AY 2012 Rs 24000 aprox
    This should not be correct as it was filled and checked properly but however in panic and not
    understanding I ackowledged both .
    What can I do ?
    This year I have filed IT returns where I am supposed to get refund of aproximately Rs. 18000.
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  2. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    If you've acknowledged both of them but not paid, income tax deptt will adjust your refund due with the amount payable.

    I would advise you to personally meet the income tax officer and get this rectified.
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