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  1. Ritz

    Ritz New Member

    Hello. I paased grouup 1 ipcc this nov. 13 attempt and this was my 3rd attempt nd will give group 2 this may. I have not done ITT and OT yet so can i apply for articleship now or after doing the courses?do i stand a chance to get into big 4 in kolkata?please advise.
  2. Neha Sharma

    Neha Sharma Active Member

    Firstly, completing ITT & Orientation is mandatory before starting articleship....

    Secondly, big 4's have a preference for 1st attempt CA's... however, in case you have a good reference, they may still consider you...
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  3. Tarun Aror@

    Tarun Aror@ New Member

    do itt and ot they're necessary to start articleship. I must suggest forget about big4.. and its better to join a medium c.a firm and concentrate on studies.
  4. Ritz

    Ritz New Member

    Actually i want to go to a good firm so that i can earn a good stipend. I have heatd that good firms pay more. So do any one have any idea about such firms in kolkata?
  5. Ketan Gupta

    Ketan Gupta New Member

    u cn earn wel aftr u become CA,,,during articleshp knwledge should b d main motive,,,,
    n whthr to go to big 4 or a smal firm al depnds whr u wana practice or persue job,,,
    if it is d 1st choice thn try 4 sum medicore firm whr u wil get exposure of diff field,,,
    newaz in todaz competitive world u dnt get articlshp widout refernce,,,
    so strt finding refernce instead of a gud CA firm,,,:p;-)
  6. Ketan Gupta

    Ketan Gupta New Member

    complete ur ITT n OT asap.
    n u cn evn skip ur CA final atempt by starting ur articleshp aftr ur grp 2 results provided ur sure u wil pas grp 2 in d cumin atempt n also if u goin to get in reputable firm as attempt dosnt matr if ur cv speaks wel ,,,
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