CA Industrial Training Vacancy in Ashok Leyland

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  1. Parul_Gupta
    Parul_Gupta on Dec 6, 2014
    CA industrial trainee vacancy at Ashok Leyland, Uttarakhand in Internal Audit

    No of position-01

    Interested candidates shall send their Resume to [email protected]
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  2. bathlajasmeet

    bathlajasmeet New Member

    Dear Ma'am,

    Thanks for sharing the information.

    Can you please share the contact information of the concerned authorities.
  3. Suraj Kr.

    Suraj Kr. New Member

    Thank you madam for sharing information but i am applying for industrial training from last month and i did not receive any revert mail from the companies. My fellows and senior says that there must be reference to join it.
    If good student also need reference etc. then why these companies post that they need industrial trainee in spite of this they should post that they need trainee who have some reference in their company.
    Such kind of things are really spoil hardworking students career scope.
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