Can CA Final Exam Form be signed by any CA or by Principal only?

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  1. Ankshi1508

    Ankshi1508 New Member

    hello..this is really urgent..pls reply..i have tried to solve the problem with my principal couldnt be settled..he is not ready to listen anything.pls help

    my articleship is due to be completed on 19 feb 2015.
    i have taken 220 leaves in the 3 years period.
    i have to serve around 2.5 months extension.


    1. my principal has not given me 5 months stipend as i was on 3 months leave for my exams in nov 2014.he says it will be paid when i serve extension under him.

    2. my principal is not signing my exam form for may 2015 and says that i will not sign it in any condition, so what can be done.can i get it signed from some other member of icai.

    3. my principal says that he will not sign form 108 until i serve my extension with him. he is forcing me to serve extension under him and says i can go for my exams in may 15 after 20 feb 15 (date of completion of articleship) without getting 108 signed and once i return he will sign 108 only after i serve my extension under him.

    if i talk about form 119 to him, he says he will write excess leaves in form 108.

    please help as i dont want to serve extension under him.

    can i get my 108 signed from him in may and 103 too. then the 103 that he signs , can he take action against me if i submit just 108 and not 103. i mean 108 sign karwa ke icai mein submit karwa doon and jo 103 vo sign karein vo submit na karau. uski jagah jaha extension karni hai wo 103 submit karwa doon . can he take action ?

    4.also as per regulation 60 of icai,articles are entitled to compensation for working over 35 hours per week. he is not giving that also.

    please help it is really urgent.
    thanks for your time and suggestions.
  2. Ankshi1508

    Ankshi1508 New Member

    pls reply guys...its really urgent...there are no replies despite so many views...your suggestions are really valuable.
  3. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    Your CA Final Exam Form can be attested by any CA and not necessarily by your Principal.

    The same has been mentioned in Pt No. 34 on ICAI Website and this is the direct link for the same -

    Hope it helps
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  4. Ankshi1508

    Ankshi1508 New Member

    thnks a lot sir..can u pls guide me about the other queries too..
  5. Ankshi1508

    Ankshi1508 New Member

    its disheartening to see just one reply despite of over hundered views ...pls guys your suggestions are reply.
  6. Parul_Gupta

    Parul_Gupta Active Member

    To be frank with you, I think that the Articleship Rules are created in favor of the CA's.

    CA Students dont have any right and CA's keep on doing injustice to them. Even ICAI does not look into this and many a times CA Students are made to work like slaves

    The best option which i think is there with you is to get everything done peacefully with your CA.

    I would advise you to focus your energies on clearing CA Final.

    Thinking about this too much may not help you much because Articleship rules seem to be bent in favor of the principal.

    PS: I may not have provided you with the answers which you were looking for but i'm only sharing my views on what I think would be fit for you.
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  7. Ankshi1508

    Ankshi1508 New Member

    Thnku for ur suggestions mam .
  8. Ms. Doubtful

    Ms. Doubtful New Member

    Sir, its written over there that IPC Exam candidates may get the form attested by the gazetted officer also. So can the IPC Students take attestation of any other member of ICAI as in case of Final Students ?
  9. Parul_Gupta

    Parul_Gupta Active Member

    @Ms. Doubtful

    Yes, IPCC Students can get their form attested either by their Principal or any other CA or gazetted officer.
  10. Ankshi1508

    Ankshi1508 New Member

    N wt in case of ca final ? Training vl b over on 20 feb . Who will sign after form 108 is signed ..i hv extension bt vl serve elsewhere .
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