Can Excise Duty on Inputs allowed to be set of against payment of Service Tax?

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  1. Ketan Suru

    Ketan Suru New Member

    Dear Expert,

    I have one query.

    Can Excise Duty on Input allowed to be set of against payment of Service Tax?

    If yes, then My case is like this;

    One service provider is providing output service relating to construction i.e. procuring construction materials like cement, sand etc and after doing some processing, billed as under;


    Cement etc. material purchased (not from Service Receiver)

    Basic Rs. 1,00,000

    Excise Duty Rs. 12,500

    Total Bill Rs. 1,12,500

    Bill prepared as under:

    Works Contract Bill

    Materials Rs. 1,10,000 (after adding some profit)

    Labor Charges Rs. 80,000

    Gross Rs. 1,90,000

    Service Tax Rs. ??? (at what rate ST to be charged?)


    Total Rs. xxxxxxxx

    Now question is that can one set off Excise Duty (Rs. 12,500 in this case) against payment of Service Tax (Rs. 11,600 assumed)?

    Thank You for Your kind cooperation.

    Ketan Suru
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