Can HUF claim deduction for PPF Deposit in Karta's name

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  1. Pratik Sonar

    Pratik Sonar New Member

    Two PPF payments has been made as per PPF A/c open in individual name Rs 25000 & Rs 10000 on 29-3-14, however Rs 25000 has been claimed under 80C in individual IT Return & Rs 10000 has been claimed in individual's HUF IT Return. Whether claim in HUF IT Return in allowed or not?
  2. gaurav_kumar

    gaurav_kumar Well-Known Member

    1. If the PPF is in Individual name and the payment has also been made through individual name - the HUF cannot claim deduction for this
    2. Holding more than 1 PPF Account is not allowed.
  3. Pratik Sonar

    Pratik Sonar New Member

    What if Payment is done partly through individual bank account and partly through HUF bank account in the individual PPF account?
  4. SanSon

    SanSon New Member

    Can an HUF deposit into a karta's ppf and who will get the 80C deduction, HUF or Karta?
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