Can I apply for Service Tax number before amount reaches 9/10L ?

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  1. krish123

    krish123 New Member

    I read an article which mentioned that a company needs to apply for Service Tax no. within 30 days of company's services' reach 9Lakh amount.
    But, can we apply for Service tax number from the start (Inception of the company) and still avail examption till 10 Lakh rupees?

    I want to get the exemption. Getting a Service Tax number from the start would help me in document process when my company deals with other companies and there is a requirement for lot of proofs and paperwork.

    I am getting varied from different CAs across the city. Please help and if possible post a link or details of the government article/proof.

    JAYVEER New Member

    Yes you can. Notification no 8/2008
  3. krish123

    krish123 New Member

    Thanks for the reply. I read the notification. But, I couldn't find anywhere in it that I can apply for service tax no. even when my turnover amount is Zero And still avail exemption upto turnover 10L amount. Could you please help.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2016
  4. Rk.kottura

    Rk.kottura New Member

    u can apply voluntary its not mandatory for less than 10 lac. for legal purpose majority ppl applying registration
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