Can I apply for TDS Refund if Income less than Tax Slabs?

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  1. NRG

    NRG New Member

    I only started drawing a salary from September '15, my annual income is approx Rs. 4 lakhs and I have not earned enough in the FY to attract taxation liability. Am I eligible to claim TDS refund so far? Please tell me why if yes or no and how to go about this.
  2. First of all you do attract taxation liability since you fall in the category of age group under 60yrs . You are likely to pay 10% of your income as tax to the department for the FY
  3. Your income for the year 15-16 is Rs.231000/-.Since,your income is not liable to tax,you are not supposed to pay income-tax.Please,get it refunded,if,any tax is deducted by your employer,by mistake.
  4. Piyush Chawla

    Piyush Chawla Active Member

    As your income is below the taxable limits - no income tax is payable by you.

    In case any TDS has been deducted on your income, you can file for income tax refund.
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