Can I claim deduction under both Section 24 & 80EE

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  1. n arvind

    n arvind New Member


    I bought a second hand property worth 30,00,000 in nov 2014. i am a first time buyer and my loan is 11,00,000.

    So i fulfill all of 80 EE's conditions for 1,00,000 benefit.

    My interest for the year 2014-15 i.e from apr 1 2014 to mar 31 2015 is 80,000 that i am claiming in sec 24 under interest on home loan.

    Can i claim the 80 EE benefit oven on top of that as well?

  2. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    Both Section 80EE as well as Section 24 are for deduction for interest on Home Loan.

    The interest payable by you is already being claimed as a deduction under Section 24. The same interest cannot be claimed again as a deduction under Section 80EE.

    In case their is some interest which has not been claimed as a deduction under Section 24 - such interest can be claimed as a deduction under section 80EE
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