Can I deposit amt in Cap Gains Account after filing ITR?

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  1. Kavitha.Sachin

    Kavitha.Sachin New Member

    By mistake I have paid long term capital gains tax and also filed it for the entire amount. And would now like to know if i could deposit in capital gains account now and claim a refund for the already paid amount. Kindly let me know the possibilities to get a refund.

    p.s: last date for filing tax was august 5th 2016. Land was sold last september.
  2. Kavitha.Sachin

    Kavitha.Sachin New Member

    Could somebody please help me with above query?
  3. Kavitha.Sachin

    Kavitha.Sachin New Member

    Thanks for the reply Khanna but my question is can I deposit in capital gains account now and claim an exemption under section 54. As the last date for the AY2016-2017 to deposit in capital gains was over on August 5th? Please clarify sir.
  4. Kavitha.Sachin

    Kavitha.Sachin New Member

  5. V K Khanna

    V K Khanna Active Member

    I regret to say that exemption under Sec 54 will not be admissible to you if the amount is deposited in the Capital Gain Account Scheme after the due date of filing of the return.

    (I have deleted my earlier post to avoid confusion)
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