Can I pursue CFA after CA without doing Graduation?

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  1. Rohan Sharma

    Rohan Sharma New Member

    Hey, I am Rohan. I would like to know that, can I pursue C.F.A. after completing C.A., on the basis of my C.A. degree alone. Or, do I need to have a bachelor's degree too?
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  2. Himanshu Bhardwajj

    Himanshu Bhardwajj New Member

    If u got your answer then plz tell me can i do as i dont hv bachlers degree but hv CA degree
  3. Amit Sahni

    Amit Sahni Active Member

  4. Amit Sahni

    Amit Sahni Active Member

    My assumption is that CA would be atleast considered as equivalent to Bachelors. In India, some colleges even consider CA as equivalent to Masters

    If I talk about IIM's - they consider CA as equivalent to Bachelor's Degree as eligibility for their MBA Course.

    So my assumption is a person can enroll for the CFA Course on the basis of his graduation degree even if he/she does not have a Bachelors Degree
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