Cancellation of Service Tax

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  1. Balan K E

    Balan K E New Member

    How to cancel the service tax registration with out submitting the original ST-2 which is lost. Surrender ST-2 generated on line and submitted along with copy of ST-2 which is not getting accepted.

    VAIBHAV DILIP RANE Active Member

    @Balan K E ,

    Bring the matter in front of your jurisdictional Service Tax officer, he will give you further direction.

    Make an Application for Surrender of ST-2, cancellation of ST Registration; Since ST-2 is lost "Affidavit" stating the Lost of ST-2 will work.

    You will also require to submit copies of last returns file by you, and last challans details.

    There may be some additional requirement, which will laid by the officer.
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