Cap Gains Exemption without investing in Property

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  1. ashutosh laadia

    ashutosh laadia New Member

    i m selling my 40 year old property and i have no intension to buy any other new property in next 2 years,rther i am shifting on rent for the time order to gain intrest on that amount what shud i do where should i invest in order to gain exemption.please suggest
  2. Shalin

    Shalin New Member

    Dear sir

    You should use the exemption provided in sec 54ec of income tax.
    You need to invest the money in capital gain bonds issued by NHAI or REC within 6 months of transfer to avail the exemption.
    You will get 6% interest which will be taxable.
    This amount needs to be kept invested for 3 years.
    But maximum exemption available will only be 50 lakhs.
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