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  1. Rohit Shahane

    Rohit Shahane New Member


    I need an advice on the Capital Gains Query that I have in mind. Hope someone would be able to clear it out.
    My queries are as follows

    1. If I open a Type B Capital Gain - Non Cumulative Term deposit account for my capital gains which is for a fixed period can I withdraw the interest accumulating on the account for paying rent on another property till the time period i reinvest the whole amount for buying another property?

    2. Also am I allowed to use the Type B Non Cumulative account interest monthly and will i get that interest accumulated in my account monthly or quarterly for my use is there any specific criteria as to usage of the amout?

    3. Also is the interest which I get from non cumulative Type B capital gain account eligible for tax before the allowed time (which is 2/3 years for reinvesting it into buying another property)?

    4. Approx. how much will be the rate of interest receivable from the bank on the Type B non cumulative capital gain account as per the year 2016?

    Hoping for a clear and positive reply.

  2. Saurabh2017

    Saurabh2017 New Member

    WHAT IS TYPE B CAPITAL GAIN NonCumulative Termdeposit account
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