Capital Gain Tax Rate on LTCG - 10% or 20% ?

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  1. santosh kumari

    santosh kumari New Member

    I read somewhere that in case of Long Term Capatil Gains,
    The Assessee also has the option of not opting for Indexation and the Long Term Capital Gain Tax Rate in this case shall be10%

    1)Is this option avilable now too?
    2)Does this means that only the Net LTCG would be taxed straightaway at 10% Tax rate.
    3)LTCG amount, after paying the Income Tax can be invested in Commercial or agricultral property
    4) LTCG (Indexed or taxed without Indexation) after paying the tax applicable, has to be invested in single go in single property or it can be put in 2-3 different or same type of properties, please guide.
  2. Raamfca

    Raamfca New Member

    Under section 115AD, where the total income of a Foreign Institutional Investor includes longterm
    capital gains on sale of unlisted securities, the same would be [email protected]%, without the
    benefit of indexation or currency fluctuation. In order to bring parity in tax rate on long-term
    capital gains (arising on sale of unlisted securities) applicable to non-residents and FIIs,
    section 112 provides that in the case of non-corporate non-residents and foreign companies,
    long-term capital gains arising from transfer of unlisted securities would be subject to
    [email protected]% without giving effect to indexation provision under second proviso to section 48 and
    currency fluctuation under first proviso to section 48.
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