capital gains exemption while holding multiple properties

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  1. NitinJain

    NitinJain New Member


    My query is regarding capital gains from sale of a property while holding multiple properties.

    Property A : Bought in 2008 (currently on rent)
    Property B : Bought in 2011 (currently under construction and taken on loan)
    Property C : Planning to purchase in near future by selling property A (will be buying before selling property A)

    I currently hold 2 properties - Property A (on rent) and Property B (under construction and on loan). Now i am planning to buy another property - Property C on loan and after purchase of Property C, I plan to sell property A within few months.

    Here are my queries in this regard:

    1. Can I buy property C before selling property A and still claim capital gains exemption from sale of property A ?

    2. If property C is bought in March 2015 (FY2014-15) and property A is sold in Aug (FY2015-15), would I still be able to claim exemption even though txns are happening in different financial years?

    3. I read somewhere that "at the time of investment you should not own more than one property" to claim capital gains exemption from section 54. In my case, since I am buying "C" first and then selling "A", during this period until I sell property A, I would theoretically have 3 properties - prop A (not yet sold), prop B (under constr) and prop C (newly bot). Does this scenario restrict me to claim exemption under section 54 ?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    1. If property C is purchased anytime in the 1 year preceeding sale of Property A, capital gains exemption is allowed.
    2. Yes, even if the Financial Years are different - you can still claim the exemption
    3. The limit of 1 property is under Section 54F and not under Section 54. In your case Section 54 would be applicable and you can claim exemption.
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  3. NitinJain

    NitinJain New Member

    Thanks for your response Rudra. I got confused after reading this article - link. In this article under section - "How To Save Capital Gains Tax On Sale of Property In India" it talks about not owning more than 1 property at the time of investment. In point#4 of conditions to be adhered (image attached), it also talks about capital gains exemption not applicable when "additional property purchased after the newly bought property". If I would get Property B (under constr) registered in next few months, would that create a problem on exemption although I am not investing any gain proceedings in the property B at all ?

    Am I misinterpreting the info in this article ? Thanks again for your response.


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  4. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    The article link mentioned by you has mixed Section 54 and 54F as a result of which the confusion is arising.

    This link will help you better understand the exact laws -
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  5. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    You have to invest the Capital Gains in Property C and the balance amount you are free to invest anywhere i.e either in property B or at any other place.
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  6. NitinJain

    NitinJain New Member

    That clarifies. Thanks a lot !
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