Capital Gains Tax on Agricultural Land in Rural Area

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  1. Brahma Gadipudi

    Brahma Gadipudi New Member

    Dear Sir,

    3 acres of agricultural land in the name of my mother (aged about 70 years) who is a farmer and not income tax assesses is planning to sell for an estimated value of Rs 1.5 Cr.

    This agricultural land has been family property for several generations and inherited by my mother from my father who has expired in 2012.

    I have the following 2 queries which may pls be clarified:
    1. Whether any type of tax (Capital Gains Tax, Income Tax etc) is payable on the sale value of this agricultural land by my mother?
    2. When I and my brother receive Rs 75 Lacs each from my mother after sale of this agricultural land, whether we are liable to pay any type of tax (Wealth tax, gift tax etc)?
    Shall be highly grateful if you could answer the above queries.
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