Capital Gains Tax on sale of Building claimed as Depreciation

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  1. A. Kadiani

    A. Kadiani New Member

    1) My father bought a shop 20 years ago and started a business. Now due to his age (65) and his health he wants to close the business and sell the shop.

    2) During the last 20 years he has claimed depreciation in respect of the shop and as on date the depreciated value of the premises is negligible.

    3) My father also has part ownership share in another Residential Apartment.

    My Question-

    Will the shop premises if sold invite capital gain
    ----- if so is the capital gain long term or short term.
    and will indexation be allowed.
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  2. gaurav_kumar

    gaurav_kumar Well-Known Member

    Yes, the sale of shop will attract Capital Gains and the period of holding would be long term.

    You can also claim exemption from Capital Gains Tax by reinvesting the sale proceeds in Residential house and claim exemption under Section 54F
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