Capital gains

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  1. Anand Mantha

    Anand Mantha Member

    I intend to sell a land ,which will fetch me a Capital gain of 50lakhs. I dont want to invest in another house/flat. Which is the best option left for me.........
    1. Pay 20% CG tax now, and invest the 40lakhs in a combination of Equity and Debt Mutual fundsfor aterm of 5yrs.
    2. Put the entire CG in REC/NHAI CG bonds.
    3. Put the capital gain amount in Capital Gains Account of a Bank for 2 yrs @ 8.5 %, and at the end of 2 yrs, pay the CG Tax.( since I will not be buying any property)

    I am in 20% tax bracket. Thanking you, Mantha Anand
  2. Anand Mantha

    Anand Mantha Member

    There is a small correction in the above thread. In ITEM nos 2&3,it should be 3 years instead of 2 yrs.
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