Career option if going for Certified Actuarial Analyst (CAA) after 6 years of industry experience

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  1. mohitD

    mohitD New Member


    I have 6 years of industry experience.. 4 years in IT industry with technology skills like C#, Networking, Perl and 2 years of experience in working with an insurance firm. Currently working as a technical consultant in the actuarial department of the firm. Recently got to know about CAA course. Would like to know will it be a good choice to start with CAA now as i already reached to 6 years of industry experience. I heard that people should start Actuarial science courses while they are graduating...
  2. Sharad Jain

    Sharad Jain New Member

    Hi Mohit,

    A CAA qualification will provide you with educational qualification to assist an Actuary, like a paralegal assists a lawyer. This is a new qualification introduced by the Institute / Faculty of Actuaries, UK and is accepted in all countries whose Actuarial governing body is affiliated to it, like that of India's. The CAA was introduced primarily so that actuarial aspirants could complete a qualification in a short span of time (mostly while undergoing their graduation), so that, they can provide more value to actuarial firms at the fresher level. Also, as there are very few jobs in the market in the actuarial domain, those (freshers with CAA) who end up getting recruited in actuarial teams, could then decide on embarking the Fellowship route, while gaining domain experience. And the others (freshers with CAA), could apply to domains like analytics, risk management, etc with a high quality qualification. Therefore, this is a solution to help guide students in the right direction vis-a-vis actuarial jobs and dreams. As, earlier, students would keep preparing and trying to clear Fellowship exams (years after graduation, without doing much else) in the hope that clearing higher number of exams may land them a job. But most of them ended up only wasting time and effort.
    As for you, it would be well advised to talk to Actuaries in your company on whether they would be keen to hire a CAA of your profile and at what level. If the reply suits you, go ahead for it, else, drop the CAA idea.

    -Sharad Jain
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