Chartered Accountant arrested for faking his death

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  1. Neha Sharma

    Neha Sharma Active Member

    A Chartered Accountant from Vijayawada allegedly cheated the special court for economic offences here by producing a fake death certificate though he was alive. The court issued a non bailable warrant against him and he was arrested.

    The CA, Nadella Srinivas Rao had many high flying clients like professors, doctors, engineers and businessmen. He was accused of using his clients’ money for personal needs instead of depositing it with the Income Tax department.

    The incident came to light when IT officials approached the clients for not filing returns. Following a complaint he was summoned and he appeared before court. Later, a petition was filed to close the case claiming that he was dead.

    The matter came to the special court for economic offences in 2011. Eventually, the chartered accountant fabricated a fake death certificate and made his counsel file a petition seeking dismissal of the case.

    The incident came to light during an inquiry by the income tax department. It was proved that he was alive and the court issued a Non-bailable Warrant against him and he was arrested by the police.

    Source: Deccan Chronicle
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