Claiming deduction for Donation under Section 80G

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  1. Hello,
    I have a query on Donation section. Some one has donated some fund to the Trust namely "WORLD RENEWAL SPIRITUAL TRUST" bearing Regd. No.A.N.(E)/M.N./80G/1655/2007/2008-2009 Dt.16/06/2008 originally valid upto 31/03/2011 and which continues to be valid from dt.01/04/2011 onwards inperpetuity. May I know the maximum limit for deduction under 80G for the above mentioned Trust. Whether it comes under "Deduction for Donation without any maximum limit/subject to maximum limit of 10% of adjusted gross total income" . Further I want to know that in the above case, whether full donation amount shall be deducted or 50% of the amount.
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