Claiming HRA and Home Loan Interest Together for Possessed Property without Staying in the Property

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    I am a Salaried Person and I stay in Gurgaon on Rent. I have purchased a Flat in Kolkata with a Home Loan from LIC-HFL with EMIs started in April-2016.
    I got the Possession of the Kolkata Flat last month in September-2016.
    Now the Flat in Kolkata is Vacant and Not Rented and No One stays there as my Family stays with me in my Gurgaon Rented House but my EMIs are On and I am paying them every month.

    My Question is :

    1. Can I Claim HRA Benefit as I stay on Rent?
    2. Can I Claim the Interest Paid under Section 24?
    3. Can I Claim the Principal under Section 80C?

    Dwaipayan Mojumder
  2. Satyanarayana Raju

    Satyanarayana Raju New Member

    You can claim HRA as you are paying rent for your residence. As the occupation is before March 2017 you can claim Interest and repayment of loan.
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