CMA Final Preparation

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  1. ravikiranvm

    ravikiranvm New Member

    I'm into CMA Finals now and will attend it in 2015 June. I'm having few queries :

    1. Which is the best place for coaching? Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai? (If possible suggest some institute)
    2. Does coaching required for all the subjects?
    3. How much time is sufficient for preparation?
    4. Is self study okay for Final level?
    5. Any other suggestions for newly qualified CMA Inter people?
  2. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    I can give my views on some of the questions

    Coaching is not required for all subjects. Better to opt for Coaching for Practical subjects only. The reason is that when you go to coaching class, there is a regular system of study in place which sometimes is not there in Self Study.

    Moreover, they tell you the important topics and some tricks as well.

    Therefore, coaching is useful for the above aspects.

    However, if you dont have time for classes and you think you can regularly study, then you can skip coachings and opt for Self study.
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