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  1. karan©icwa

    karan©icwa New Member

    Hello am karan am doing my degree 1 st year and I felt very sad when I heard that there is no demand for CMA student's the best example is in my college am only the one who have taken the CMA course and I don't understand the reason behind it..! Well am still confused that why there is so much demand for CA people adequate. I hope I will get the correct answer from CMA people
  2. Parul_Gupta

    Parul_Gupta Active Member

    The Course curriculum of CMA Course is very good and CMA Course is equally good as the CA Course. Infact, CMA Degree holders are highly knowledgable people.

    However, CA's have certain exclusive powers like Income Tax Audit etc which are in high demand. It is because of such exclusive powers that the demand for CA's is higher than demand for CMA's.

    Moreover, when both the courses are equally difficult, people opt for CA's as its demand is much more.

    I hope that answers your query.
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  3. karan©icwa

    karan©icwa New Member

  4. karan©icwa

    karan©icwa New Member

  5. karan©icwa

    karan©icwa New Member

    Thanks...…! Now I got the clear clarity:) of it...but am still confused lol anyway thanks AKANKSHA...
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