COMMISSION PAID to Agent for Find a New Tenant under Inocme from House property.

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  1. Purushottam reddy.K

    Purushottam reddy.K New Member

    Under House property income.

    If, Commission is paid to Agent for Finding a New tenant and he as charged for three months rent as his commission.

    At the same time Tenant deduct the TDS and credit the Rent amount to House Owner in 26AS for 12 Months. (for the F.Y 2015-16).

    But actually received only 9 Months rent ,3 Months rent paid to agent.

    Is it, Commission paid to agent allowable Expenditure under the Head Income from House property, please clarify with deductible sections.
  2. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    Not allowed under Income from house property but it maybe allowed in some other case.

    Whether any facilities were also provided (like furniture etc i.e furnished accommodation)

    TDS has been rightly computed.
    Deduction is provided u/s 23 and 24 and they do not cover commissions and hence commission shall not be allowed as deduction.
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